Altruistic Juno

Roxby by water


Take a quiet stroll along the dock feeder through Atlantic Wharf and you come upon the still water course that once was the bustling Bute East Dock

Bute East Dock [2]

Who would guess today, from a cursory glance at the tranquil scene, that a century ago this was part of one of the busiest docks in the world?

Juno would occasionally hold some respect for history, but that quickly took second priority when matters of local wildlife care and protection arose. Take for example, the imminent impact of a mid-air collision (or is it a suicide attempt?). Juno had a sixth sense for these dangers, and would be the first to put herself in a position to provide that soft landing safety net…

Headache looming

How was she to know that birds are confident creatures around water? Or even that wings were designed to help them land and take-off from these precarious water-bound islands? For Juno there was only ever one thought… to be on hand to rescue any of God’s creatures should they experience distress.

Altruistic catch

Even at pub closing time down at The Wharf, she would be there to supervise the queue for the night bus; knowing all too well what birds in Cardiff can get up to after a night out!

Creeping up

My feast!


Or was I and the local wildlife just being lulled into a false sense of security? After all, Juno was never one for the vegetables!

Until we speak again enjoy your time with your furry friend, but don’t fall into a trap of ascribing any altruistic motives to their interests in fellow members of the big wide animal kingdom.

Today’s menu

Juno always had an eye for lunch…

Eye on the prize

She could often be found on the dock of the bay, sacrificing so much of her valuable time in order to inspect the catch of the day…

Cat amongst

But nothing satisfied her more than a good quality pie filling…

Cat amongst pidgeons

Even the challenge of foraging for your own food was not beyond her wit or wisdom. She always believed in the play dead tactic as an element of surprise…

Lying in wait

Until we speak again I leave you with a thought you would never hear from Juno… don’t forget to add some vegetables!


Historical perspective

Juno had always been a studentNewspaper of architecture, and was often an avid reader of the appropriate pages of the Observer newspaper. Originating from London, with an unexpected relocation to Cardiff later in life, she was quick to spot a derivation of architectural style and panache.

Renzo Piano, a man with so many bars named after him, has seemingly managed to find time to dabble in the art of skyline altering. A recent London contribution has added to the view of many a bed-ridden Guy’s Hospital patient…

The Shard October 2014

But, it takes the sharp eye of a cool cat to see the origin in the originality of such dramatic design. The City United Reformed Church in the back streets of Cardiff city centre was hardly the place were a young piano might have been playing (you can take or leave the pun as you please). But, had he looked up he just might have seen a crane, or even a dark shape against the sky. Could this really have been the origin of what would later become The Shard, piercing the London skyline, and creating shock and awe for so many bored rail commuters?

City United Reformed Church [1]

Until we speak again may all of your imaginary coincidences be pleasantly weird.

The Juno’s 2015

You can never have too many awards. The arts have their season across the early months of the year, and football and rugby are deep into their trophy and award winning season as Spring progresses towards the summer recess. Juno was no stranger to posing for award status confirmation, usually the ‘I am waiting for more food award’…

But, when not demanding food she also had an eye for the absurd. So here are the posthumous Juno awards for 2015:

Trolley [3]The Award for Having No Shops Anywhere in Your Locality goes to Atlantic Wharf in the old Cardiff docklands. And still the City Council give permission to relentlessly build more residential units.

Trolley [1]

Civic pride?







The Award for Sweeping It Under the Carpet goes to an alleyway next to the University of South Wales. It’s a Sunday morning and the streets are suspiciously clear of litter just a few hours after the late night/early morning weekend celebrations have subsided. Good of the revellers to place all of their detritus in one place (or was it just the wind patterns around the University building?).



Peppermint wrapped


The Award for Gift Wrapping a Building goes to Peppermint Bar & Kitchen on St. Mary Street in the city centre. Located on a prominent junction it can only be the attention-seeking hub for attention-seekers.

Until we speak again I am sure Juno would have wished that all of the absurdities in your life are award-winning!

That sinking feeling

You talking to me?It was August 2014, and Juno gave me that look that clearly said “who do you think you are kidding?” as I told her of my team’s position as early season favourites to win the 2014/5 Championship trophy.

I am sure she was only being protective of the ‘tenant of her home’… who was clearly caught up in that summertime football disease, shared by all who become attached to their home town team at a young age, only to suffer a lifetime of pain and exasperation! But not this time; we have just had our first taste of a season in the big-time, and we were definitely going straight back to where we now believed we belonged.

purpledragonbirdCombat quickly resumed between fans of ‘the Bluebirds’ and the owner of the ‘Red Dragons’, leaving a proud but confused sense of supporting ‘the Purple Dragonbirds’.


Chillout catJuno made it quite clear that any talk of the football stuff should not reach the 10 word limit. Her readership deserved better than to be subjected to the notorious nonsense spoken in the name of the beautiful game. I was determined to keep to the challenge, and with this in mind the season began.

Come on CardiffAugust was still breathing a warm breeze across the home crowd as early signs of what was to come flicker into unwelcome life.


Welcome to CCS

September sees something less than welcome down at the CCS, as the manager is shown the door following a run of poor performances.


Welshmen will not yield

Autumn brings a brief respite with a few home wins. But the regular hail that ‘Welshmen will not yield’ falls on deaf ears, as the team struggle to field many.


We are Cardiff CityAt times across a long winter the ever-quieter home support needed reminding who they were.



Water pleaseThe lowlight came in the penultimate home game, where both teams needed something to bring them to life.


Until we speak again, may your football be uplifting and life-affirming; and Juno’s final punditry to reflect the whole season could just as easily have been a prediction way back in August…