Lib Dems of football

A brief taste of the power that comes with a place at the top table; a collapse of confidence throughout the natural support base; recent glimmers of hope of a revival, or maybe even a new dawn; only for the gloom to descend as familiar failings re-emerge…


Am I talking about the recent travails of the Liberal Democrat Party, as they pick themselves up from an electoral pasting in 2015 with flickers of hope in a recent by-election? Or am I talking about a Cardiff City FC team having fallen from a brief sojourn in the Premier League, to recently occupying the bottom position of the Championship, only for a new messiah to raise that thing called ‘hope’ with a couple of wins and a draw?

right-hookCardiff City 0 Wigan Athletic 1 is the kind of unwanted result that brings a sharpened perspective to those who wallow in a land called hope. Juno offers a right hook as a wake-up call; and Rich Hall recently reminded us that “hope lies somewhere between wishful thinking and performing a rain dance.”

Until we speak again I guess I had better get dancing!

Tales of the river bank

ducks-at-14-1Some of us are nature loving cats who need to live in a rural setting to feel alive; and some of us are urban cats, but who like to see a little bit of the natural world within our city centres. Juno and Bella were glad I was an aficionado of the latter camp. They would not be short of triggers for the imagination, particularly for dreaming of exotic meals.

Who said this year of Olympic dreams was already over? The Quack Olympics are thriving down at Atlantic Wharf, as the contestants line up on the edge of the water ready for the 10 yard free-style race. For Juno and Bella it is an opportunity for dreaming of being aquatic cats, reclining on their backs just beneath the water, mouths wide open (I know it doesn’t make any sense, who said this blog was about reality?), waiting for tasty morsels to just drop in…


But, sometimes the opportunity might just be a little too big to manage!


Cautious cats know, that sometimes there is the danger of the hunter becoming the hunted!





Until we speak again, Bella might well look ready for dinner, but the local wildlife can rest assured she will only be getting the veterinary formulated science plan (aka ‘rocks’).

Kitten heels

sleeping-catIt was a Wednesday, so it must be PMQ’s, which usually means Prime Minister’s Questions in good old UK parliamentary speak. With Theresa May installed as our Prime Minister the commentators have a habit of trivialising events, just as I am doing right now,  by referring to her passion for shoes, and an infamous pair of kitten heels she occasionally wears. This weekly event is billed as a gladiatorial battle where the PM takes on the bitter foe in a verbal joust about the issues of the day; and it usually ends up as some kind of a draw.

Strange that! Because this Wednesday saw the turn of a Wednesday to grace the local hallowed turf. We would see what steel our Sheffield born new manager was made of, as we take on his least favoured home city team, Sheffield Wednesday. This was billed as a gladiatorial battle with the home team taking on the challenge of bitter foe in a physical joust, and you guessed it, it ended up in a draw! Cardiff City 1 Sheffield Wednesday 1.

Until we speak again the unanimous verdict has been declared on the effectiveness of bitter jousts in general, and the the current mightiness of the local Bluebirds specifically…


Cats for a new dawn

thinking-catBella was often to be found in deep  contemplation. Could it have been a fretfulness for so-called hard Brexit’s yet to be? Maybe it was a fear of any game that involved a Trump card! Or, was she simply playing over in her mind a favourite feline chase, involving the exposing of claws to greedy bankers scurrying about the floor before her.

Whatever the source, it always seemed like she was in a mood for change. As a deaf bag of tumours, she had the full on experience of being one of life’s strugglers, for whom the promised bounty had found its way into the pockets of others… the chosen few.

A very same mass desire for change has equally gripped the deluded followers of a certain local football team. When you find yourselves bouncing along the bottom of your league, you quickly resort to emotional affectation underpinned by a complete lack of evidence or sound judgement. Collectively, you become a herd of cats in search of a new dawn. The banners are dusted off, and the gladiators take to the field before an inflated audience, many drawn to a one-off experience of the bogof (buy one get one free) variety.


Until we speak again, a new manager and new players arrive, and the tale of unexpected cauldrons produces a Cardiff City 2 Bristol City 1 scoreline, enough to bring tears of joy to the emotionally impoverished Bluebirds witnessing the first goals scored at home by someone in blue this season. Just don’t start believing in a new dawn just yet, with Brexiteers’ and Corbynistas’ already laying claim to the realisation of the activists dream, some things come in three’s… so the 8th November in a certain gun-toting nation could yet make The Exorcist look like Mary Poppins! As for Warnock’s wonders…?


Dreaming cats

It’s that time of year when a glimpse of sunshine, blue skies, and slightly elevated temperatures, cause most discerning cats to seek a prime location for soaking up the Vitamin D.

Here in Cardiff it is also the ideal time to gaze across the bay over shimmering waters towards Penarth Head, and dream of lazy days past as we try to hold back the creeping chill in the old bones.




Until we speak again, take a leaf out of Juno’s book, and supplement your stores of of the diminishing rays while you still can.

Clever cats



October arrives, and with it the influx into Cardiff of clever cats from far and wide. Apparently these days it’s all about the academic value for money, as opposed to the Old Git’s days when it was the price of a pint! So, perhaps an apt question to be asking is where are all those £9000 fees going to?

Well, locally it would seem that blue skies will soon fade into the memory, as the University of South Wales have been busy investing in shiny expansion…


For students of architecture, the last year has been a visual progression of modernist form and style. Whilst the Lloyds Bank building in the City of London pioneered the placement of internal organs on the outside of the body, we could have been forgiven for thinking the lifts here were an intellectual after thought, so why not tack them on the outside?


IKEA may have pioneered the flat pack way of constructing things, but there was an early hint that building costs could be managed if a large order was put in for colourfully packaged prefab slabs. Just peel and reveal seems to be the new construction technique.



Back in the day, the two-legged possession of Juno & Bella harboured the usual dreams of being a train driver or some kind of construction engineer. Blame could easily be laid on the gift of meccano for temporarily providing a distraction from the explosive attractions of a chemistry set. Yet, hindsight suggests that budding architects of the age were equally influenced by toys of apparently limited appeal…


Until we speak again, it appears that the University of South Wales is putting those fees to funding buildings that at least offer some visual interest.  20160911_095847



The Atrium is spreading it wings. Now, what is the price of a pint?