Rude awakening

Leave me alone… I’m trying to make sense of this pandemic thing.

Perhaps gravity will come to my rescue!

Until we speak again, trust me… swanning about is the only way to cope with this restricted way of being!

Watching me… watching you

Just as the coronavirus pandemic lockdown restrictions gradually reduce it’s time to emerge out into a strange new world. You know… the place that has benefitted from the relative absence for months of pesky human creatures.

A place where birdsong has provided the soundtrack to an environment basking in a newfound laidback state of relaxation.

A place where fish have developed the confidence to swim about in clearer waters.

So, taking a gentle stroll along local canal side footpaths can only infuse the mind with a sense of tranquility…

That is, until you turn the next corner? “This is my place now… nobody passes!”

“Hey fellah, you might as well retreat into your buildings, but you can’t hide from me!”

Until we speak again, “I’ve got my eye on you!”

Toys for boys

For those of you in lockdown missing such delights as the ‘hooking a duck’ stall at your funfair of choice, Cardiff has ‘The Swan Catcher’ as a toys for boys bigger version on offer…

Until we speak again, don’t forget to throw it back in when caught, as QEII wouldn’t be happy… it would be like putting a corgi into a hot dog!!

Social distancing

“You humans do like to convolute your language. How are you getting on with your self-isolating, eh? Some things just come natural to those of us who live uncomplicated lives. If you do manage to perfect your walking-on-water technique, you still need to keep your 2 metres distance, okay!”

Lonely swan Mar 2020

Until we speak again, go away!

Today’s menu

Juno always had an eye for lunch…

Eye on the prize

She could often be found on the dock of the bay, sacrificing so much of her valuable time in order to inspect the catch of the day…

Cat amongst

But nothing satisfied her more than a good quality pie filling…

Cat amongst pidgeons

Even the challenge of foraging for your own food was not beyond her wit or wisdom. She always believed in the play dead tactic as an element of surprise…

Lying in wait

Until we speak again I leave you with a thought you would never hear from Juno… don’t forget to add some vegetables!


Missed the Summit

Following on from the success, or otherwise, of the NATO Summit in Wales in 2014, Juno had completely forgotten about the animal version right here on her doorstep. As she approached it seemed like the delegates were already in the process of leaving.

Aardvark & swans [2]

However, the moment did cause her to briefly reflect on an exotic lunch missed!

As Juno used to say, until we speak again may all of your summits be tasty events!


Ton Up

Who said cats can’t write? Welcome to my 101st post in the last 15 months. To celebrate the milestone (or is that millstone?) I have reviewed those moments represented across the first 100 posts. Here are some of my highlights, but who would blame you for summoning up the spectre of Room 101 in which to consign my reminiscences.

Eating al fresco, who doesn’t love it? My favourite meal…

My feast!

Then there are those moments of personal contemplation. But it took a trip to Southend for my favourite philosophical musing (particularly reminding me of the resident numpty)…

Southend [4]

I hear that health & safety has gone completely mad in your human world, but even I was taken aback by the locals need to restrict the age-old childhood rite of passage… tree-climbing:

No tree climbing

The cultural history of Wales has apparently been partly shaped by the fire and brimstone oratory of the Baptist Minister, but my favourite religious moment has to be the shock declaration that even Jesus elaborates on the truth from time to time…

Jesus Loves

But there is no denying that Cardiff has established itself on the world music map, as its many venues play host to top quality talent. My favourite girl band (Pecker and the Birds) played a surprise concert at the little known Bute East Dock venue…

All girl group +1

But while the masses were enjoying themselves at the free concert my favourite burglar was quick to seize on the opportunity to check out any potential opportunities for plunder…

Swan burglary

The penultimate word has to belong to the guy who never stops giving; so tell me Sean, how successful do you think my blog has been so far?

Sean's world


Always the harsh critic… in the meantime until we speak again this has been Thespian Juno wishing you many more moments of literary and visual enjoyment.

In a parallel universe

Atlantic Wharf       local weir





I was just contemplating the peace and tranquility of my local area when it was rudely interrupted by one of those rival birds. Those at home around me who would benefit by ‘getting a life’ tell me that the Bluebirds are away to their local rivals, Swansea, today.

Nobody passes!So, why are they in my backyard, and trying to recreate the ‘Black Knight’ sketch from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? “Nobody passes by here” was the implication of this creature’s demeanour; and a pretty mean demeanour it struck too.

Being a pacifist cat, I retreated from what would only result in the usual nasty Cardiff – Swansea affair. Personal dignity was my primary concern.

Swan burglary

But these swans do not seem to share my more delicate contemplations and meditations on peace and quiet.

“Where are you, I know where you live” were the threat-like remonstrations from my long-necked tormenter.

I reluctantly became drawn into my inquisitor’s more base conduct… “You and who’s army” I enquired, in my politest of tones. But little did I expect the beaky one to bring the whole family in on the altercation…

Swan family 2012 2


I was beginning to get the hang of this Mexican standoff routine… “Bring your family, all the more meals for me next week” I retorted. But, in true poker playing style the feathered-one upped the ante with a call to more troops that would have been better deployed at Swansea’s ‘Liberty Stadium’ for the Premier League grudge match:

Swan armada [2]

You can use threats and intimidation as much as you like, but ultimately for us stylish cats it is the elegance of our demeanour that will always triumph… but just occasionally a flash of the gnashers is regrettably required…

Roath park lake [5]

… and the swans go diving for cover. Synchronised swans arses can mean only one thing… peace is once again restored in the Juno universe.

As for the match taking place in a parallel universe somewhere out west, serenity has clearly been denied, as my domestic ‘religious correspondent‘ is busy praying, begging, searching for any spare miracles that might have been mislaid in my personal conquest of the white renegade hoards. It is so undignified, but what else can you expect from football fans, particularly those on the end of a 3-0 defeat to their bitterest rivals?

Until we speak again I intend to be imperious Juno, and my household will be a place of merciless mirth-taking with regards to all losers!

[The cat pictures have been borrowed from google images, with special thanks to their originators for providing additional material to illustrate this tale].