Greggs appeal

You looking at me?My ‘resident gastronome’ frequently warns me to curb my inner sausage roll! Strange conversations we have at times, and despite giving the hard look I’m suddenly finding reasons to change my opinion…

I was strolling near a Greggs baker’s in the city centre just the other day when my attention was immediately drawn to a worrying addition to the queue (or is it the latest delivery of the new filling recipe?)…

Greggs appeal

Seems it’s not just the luke warm grease ball effect¬†for holding flaky pastry in place that I should consider then. Until we speak again this Bella is listening to the sound of “I told you so” from the Michelin dude (until I crap in the corner instead of my litter tray!).

Decisions decisions!

Stepping outside of home I seem to have everything I need right here on the doorstep. This might well be something akin to Juno’s view of her beloved Cardiff home, located somewhere between the two lines identifying ‘Cardiff Bay Railway Station‘ and ‘Norwegian Church‘ a little over from the top end of the dock occupying the centre of the picture. Porthteigr might be a belated reference to the old Tiger Bay, but Juno would have welcomed any recognition of the importance of cats:

I live here

The problem some days is that I’m confronted with the ultimate in decisions… to relax or to shop?

Which way?

The trouble with shopping is that you can run into the strangest kind of people…

Dragons [1]

But then the relaxation option isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be… decisions, decisions!

Places to go [2]

It does my ‘ead in it does (as the locals often say). And just when you need some guidance from the self-proclaimed guru, what would she be doing?

Chillout cat

Until we speak again it looks like Juno’s view is that it’s going to be relaxation then.