Sex Kittens Porn Calendar 2016

Sex: Female.

Kitten: Previous Job.

Porn: What the internet was for before kittens arrived.

Calendar: sequential collection of days, weeks and months that my ‘in-house numpty’ doesn’t share the really good food.

Sleeping cat


Miss January:

That’s the best pose you’re getting in this weather!


X-ray eyes


Miss February:

Who are you looking at?


Thinking cat


 Miss March:

Which is my best side?


Watching something



Miss April:

Thinking man’s crumpet!



Reading paper and books



 Miss May:

Searching for that page three pose.




Got my papers


Miss June:

Got it!



Chilling in the sun




Miss July:

Catching some rays on the rare sunny day.



You looking at me?


Miss August:

You looking at me?


Relaxed rugby



 Miss September:

Trying out a sporty pose.



What's that?



Miss October:

How much more to the right do you want?




Crossed legs


 Miss November:

That’s as BDSM as it gets!




Miss December:

Go away… wake me up when christmas is over!



Until we speak again I’m Bella, and the coat stays on!