A female perspective

It is a sad indictment on society that we have to have a day of recognition of 50+% of the population; but sadly the world is still very much dominated by misogynist attitudes, and you just have to look to some of the leaders in the western world to see there is a long way to go.

I wish a happy International Women’s Day to all my relevant readers, and would like to take this opportunity to say I have learned so much from the women in my life, even those where we had our differences of opinion… you will never know just how much I learned from all of those experiences. Utmost respect.


Until we speak again, this is a good day for me to reflect back on just how much I learned from two special cats that were in my life… Juno, after who this whole blog is named, had a very special way of communicating unconditional love; while poor Bella suffered a series of serious health issues during her brief stay here, and she had a unique way of testing my patience!


[Special acknowledgement to RisaRodil.com for the card image]


Sex Kittens Porn Calendar 2016

Sex: Female.

Kitten: Previous Job.

Porn: What the internet was for before kittens arrived.

Calendar: sequential collection of days, weeks and months that my ‘in-house numpty’ doesn’t share the really good food.

Sleeping cat


Miss January:

That’s the best pose you’re getting in this weather!


X-ray eyes


Miss February:

Who are you looking at?


Thinking cat


 Miss March:

Which is my best side?


Watching something



Miss April:

Thinking man’s crumpet!



Reading paper and books



 Miss May:

Searching for that page three pose.




Got my papers


Miss June:

Got it!



Chilling in the sun




Miss July:

Catching some rays on the rare sunny day.



You looking at me?


Miss August:

You looking at me?


Relaxed rugby



 Miss September:

Trying out a sporty pose.



What's that?



Miss October:

How much more to the right do you want?




Crossed legs


 Miss November:

That’s as BDSM as it gets!




Miss December:

Go away… wake me up when christmas is over!



Until we speak again I’m Bella, and the coat stays on!