Premier League unplugged [9]

The heavens opened, as so often happens in the vicinity of Cardiff City FC. The Saints came marching in, as Southampton FC fans like to claim. But the angels today were in blue!


Until we speak again, this particular religious experience finished Bluebirds 1 Saints 0.

Premier League unplugged [4]

Getting to the top is a big challenge; but, as they say, staying there is even harder. Take the life-affirming matter of watching your home-based team rising to the exalted heights of the Premier League… it doesn’t take long to realise it can often be a very cruel place…


Until we speak again, Cardiff City FC managed to be by far the better team, created so many more chances, then showed just a couple of moments of naivety. The result is you end up losing a ‘must-win’ game 1-2 to Burnley FC… cue “sick as a parrot” and all the other inane football cliches!

[Football explained, or not!] H is for…

HESITANT… as memories of the fallen dead from previous wars mingle with memories of what Cardiff City actually scoring a goal is like. With a run of four goalless matches the home hackles have been handicapped by happenstance.

City v Reading [1]

But H is also for HANDSOME… as the home team’s centre forward hangs hypnotically in the air to head heavenly into the current roll of honour…

City v Reading [2]

Everyone knows that H can be for HYSTERIA… as the hoi polloi pay homage to haughty hombres in their own hedonistic hallucinatory ways, clearly haemorrhaging any sense of harmonic hegemony…

Fireworks on dark skyBut finally H was to be for HYPERBOLE… as any potential hollow hostility gives way to a herculean heist of the headlines as homies haggle over the hierarchy as they hypothesise over hammy heroics…

City v Reading [5]Sofa perch



As for my heinous heretic of hogwash at home, I’m hoping for hassle-free honesty rather than harassed haranguing from the haggard haemorrhoid! Until we speak again I will continue to be Bella… and for the record it was Cardiff City 0 Reading 0, with the locals having played 16, won 6, drawn 7, and lost 3, which puts them currently 7th in the league.

Lost keys!

It’s another Friday in the city, so it’s time for us cats to get ready for a good night out…

Hair by Cats

The thing is, for all of your focus on the ‘being out thing‘, you also need to be in a fit enough state to get back to the ‘being in thing‘. This is why keys are such an important part of your life; or else you have some tricky navigating to do…

Forgot that key [2]But it seems that on this occasion some cool cat was just trying out a prank… “wouldn’t it be good if I put my name on the side of my building so I know where to come home to after a good night out!”

Forgot that key [1]

Contemplating from my chairThis has been a cautionary tale, a kind of Government information briefing on why you can always get legless, just don’t get keyless! But it also put me in a contemplative frame of mind… ‘where am I going to put my keys when I eventually escape from my in-house key hider?

Until we speak again this Bella plans to ignore the anatomical suggestions in response to that question.

Eat, drink and sizzle!!!

Food festival 1You humans don’t half like your food! Come to think of it, I quite like your food as well, particularly that dead animal type of stuff. You vegetarians out there like to beat yourself up about the cruelty to animals thing, whereas us cats look on it this way… if it moves eat it, and if it doesn’t, eat it with a little less effort. But not to worry, vegetarians are safe with me… you don’t taste of much, and tend to have little protein to offer. That said, there are a number of good reasons why I like your food (not necessarily you as food), but for the main one just take a look at what I have to look at every morning:

My food

My personal shopper likes to tell me it

says chicken on the packet. Well, kiss

my furry rump, it doesn’t look like the

chicken you all eat!

Staring at the bowl for a while got me interested in this idea of an International Food and Drink Festival, and so I took myself down ‘the Bay’ to see what was what.

Food festival 3

Firstly, I didn’t get the ‘international’ thing, until I saw the Indian food tent and the kebab tent. So, ok I admit the idea of kofte’s and curry’s aren’t exactly Welsh inventions. Then I really didn’t get the chocolate and cheese stalls in 30 degrees of heat thing, but they tell me around here it is usually closer to 30 F than 30 C, and wet. At least the locals seemed to be enjoying it.

Food festival 4Food festival 5Talking about wet… I see the beer and cider tents seem to be the busiest. The tea and coffee stop seems to be struggling on a day like this (probably got someone doing a rain dance around the back). But, suddenly a sight to gladden the heart of any a cool cat… a tent with a sign saying ‘Welsh Venison Centre’. I feel a need to sink my teeth into a venison burger, low on the greenery and thick with the juicy brown stuff, topped off with a little chilli sauce. Us sophisticated cats have taste you know; none of these pretend burgers that are all bun and no gertrude. Bless those ‘dear’ venisons (I know it is supposed to be ‘deer’, it’s called artistic license) for sacrificing their lives to a greater good… or even a cunning kamikaze plan towards eventually killing off people through obesity and high blood pressure.

What’s that noise I hear? My fabulous burger is coming to an end, so my attention wanders to the sounds intermingling around the Bay… a distorted jazz band plays enthusiastically, as they are being ignored by loads of people. The whole place seems to be buzzing, and if you want to know the full programme of stalls, music and events check out the following link: search for the food festival and download the following programme:

Food festival 2Time for me to stop basking in the hottest day of this year (so far), and get back to those bowls of so-called chicken flavoured cat biscuits and cold water. See you again soon. Juno