Lost keys!

It’s another Friday in the city, so it’s time for us cats to get ready for a good night out…

Hair by Cats

The thing is, for all of your focus on the ‘being out thing‘, you also need to be in a fit enough state to get back to the ‘being in thing‘. This is why keys are such an important part of your life; or else you have some tricky navigating to do…

Forgot that key [2]But it seems that on this occasion some cool cat was just trying out a prank… “wouldn’t it be good if I put my name on the side of my building so I know where to come home to after a good night out!”

Forgot that key [1]

Contemplating from my chairThis has been a cautionary tale, a kind of Government information briefing on why you can always get legless, just don’t get keyless! But it also put me in a contemplative frame of mind… ‘where am I going to put my keys when I eventually escape from my in-house key hider?

Until we speak again this Bella plans to ignore the anatomical suggestions in response to that question.

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