Cats in a Bath

Oh no… that didn’t seem to work so well!

Ah, this is more like it… so a couple of cats went to Bath!

At times, the sheer volume of tourist visitors to this internationally recognised city of historic and cultural heritage can be overwhelming. So, pick your timing for a visit carefully. Instructive street signage combined with an unusual welcome from a top-hatted bird might just help set a favourable tone!

But I’m sure what you, and millions of others, came for was undoubtedly a glimpse of the Royal Crescent. Always good to spend a few moments dreaming of what is and what can never be, I guess!

But climbing that hill while taking in a large dose of culture and history will surely require some sustenance. Maybe a chance to stretch the finances to indulge those fantasies of wealth. Well, fear not, award winning nosh is close to hand, not to ignore the tempting wine selection hidden behind the restaurant name… Corkage comes with great prior reviews, so let’s give it a look…

Amongst a wide range of liquid temptations, an enticing invitation from Puglia takes centre stage. With a little nudge from the wine waiter the more expensive vintage is ordered, in a nod to the opulent surroundings of this whole trip.

But the question is what to have with it? Maybe ‘spiced sweet potatoes with pickled red onion, lime and sumac yoghurt’ sounds a mystifying enough temptation. Then again, ‘frogs legs pan fried with grilled baby gem, lemon breadcrumbs and satay sauce’ would at least demonstrate the British openness to all things European, in the ongoing shambles of Brexitland. Then again, ‘colley fillet with wild rice, pan choi, tarragon hollandaise and chilli oil’ keeps swimming into vision. But the wine choice is red, so perhaps that ‘lamb rump with smoked mashed potato, roast parsnip and coffee jus’ is what’s really standing up to be counted here. But, wait a minute, ‘rabbit ragu with tagliatelle and mustard’ also comes hopping into view.

Decisions, decisions… with a further range of other tempting options putting up their hands for attention across a small but extraordinary menu. Then it comes to you… there is that most wondrous of phrases in the English language… ‘All of the above‘! And just then, you’re helpfully reminded that this restaurant does a small plates approach to dining. Not to be confused with tapas, no, not that small. Something that perfectly solves the ‘all of the above’ dilemma…

Such perfectly proportioned finery may even permit space to encourage surprise and more than a little admiration from a certain US based dessert aficionado. Why not bring on the burnt Basque cheesecake with mulled wine plums, garçon! After all, I’ve given in to more of these dessert temptations during this spring season than I have across the previous decade. However, I don’t think anything more than the world’s smallest spoonful of that chocolate affair, even with its rhubarb ganache, miso cream and crispy caramel, will pass these lips though.

Such a fine and delicate dining experience demands a post-meal walk; which is beautifully accommodated by this place of history and intrigue…

A comfortable place to rest is the next item on the itinerary, preferably with a seductive location for breakfast. Got that covered as well, as long as you’re not spooked by a strange equine companion closely observing you…

Until we speak again, perhaps there is a near perfect cappuccino to be found more easily than a recent US quest! Step forward Cortado, near Pulteney Bridge… and chill (return and repeat)!

7 thoughts on “Cats in a Bath

  1. Lovely visit filled with fine food and drink. The desserts and wine, yes! Your sweet tooth is content! Frogs legs, not so much! No spotted dick, hmmmm, my only less than fine memory from an otherwise fun visit there back in the day.

  2. We have to go to the UK one day! We’ve been to Paris, Lisbon, Iceland, and the Azores. Don’t even know if the last two count a Europe. My French friend says Iceland is Scandinavia and Azores is a territory or something but we lump it into Europe. When I was little I used to read ghost stories about the Tower of London, you know that’s on my list! Our first big vacation overseas far away was Argentina and we’re going back this year. Before that we traveled to the Caribbean a lot and we enjoy it but in a way it feels kind of like hanging out with a bunch of Americans since we spend so much time at the beach and pool (so in a way it doesn’t feel like foreign travel).
    Lovely trip to Bath. I’m crazy, I have excel spreadsheets with countries I’d like to see and things to do. A lot of excel spreadsheets.
    Are you a history teacher? No sure why I think that, can’t remember. It hit me the other day, you may be the perfect person to ask. Do you have any recommendations for books about Margaret Thatcher especially her economic policies? I’ve been reading on and off about Pinochet and it kind of makes me want to learn about Reaganomics. I’m not a fan of Reagan but something about my Chile readings makes me want to read about Reagan and Thatcher. Thanks!

    • No, I’m not a history teacher, but I do have a general interest in history. I work in healthcare in a self-employed status. I’m very much what you would see as a Democrat so Thatcher is someone who polarised opinion in the UK… with me being very much against. Sorry, I can’t recommend any books about her and her policies because I could never get past the first couple of pages without throwing the book in the bin (trash)! I hope you do make that UK trip one day… I’ll be happy to offer recommendations on where to visit.

      • Thanks! That answers why I thought you were a history teacher! Have a feeling I won’t be able to get into reading about Reagan. I’ve been mass reading since the pandemic. I’ve hit the point where I keep wondering about the economics of…(not even sure) but I know it ties into history. I like to read about places before I travel there. Wanted to go to Chile but we’re going to Argentina to visit our friend (she’s pandemic bummed and I haven’t seen her in 11 years). I’m so sad because I grew up hearing all that America the beautiful stuff. I’m heartbroken reading about things the US has done. Mixed bag of feelings. I’m proud of our military history but not so proud of what the country has done to others. I’m not fan of Milton Friedman and the Chicago boys. Read Chile is a perfect example of their economic policies. Reading about that made me wonder about Reaganomics and some things mentioned Thatcher was UK’s Reagan so it got my curiosity going. Vic works in finance so a lot of Friedman fans. We’re rare for finance since we’re liberal. I can’t stop reading! The more I read, the more questions I have! I do read fiction too because all that non fiction hurts the brain sometimes. Ha.

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