Lost & Found

In Wales, the impact of the pandemic is once again easing, as we find ourselves topping the world table for progressing the vaccine rollout. But, what did you miss during the long winter months of lockdown restrictions?

Apologies and sympathy to those of you having to downgrade from Heinz to Own Brand baked beans. Juno’s View is that quality always trumps quantity, so Heinz for a day or two less a week would be my heartless advice!

In pursuit of that quality, it is the idea of a favourite independent restaurant re-opening that kept stirring my imagination. And, one such establishment seems to have taken the opportunity for an internal refurbishment during the months of closure…

Getting in an early booking, before the arrival of most other desperate punters, provided an opportunity to see where some of the felled rainforest ended up! Though it does make for a relaxed space for fine dining.

This was always a place for a limited menu of high quality local produce. So, would a re-vamped menu trouble any prior expectations?

Not wishing to overload the meat feast… a starter of asparagus and poached egg, with avocado, cherry vine tomatoes and hollandaise sauce offered an instant reminder that I’m not at ‘chez Juno’s View‘ at this point. Here, presentation combines with a delicate assault on the taste buds. Not for me, the fleeting thought of eating out of the carton/bag or whether to use a cheap porcelain plate!

Then there is the whole reason for dreaming and wishing… that poor Daisy has been grazing the ranch for months with no chance to provide a pleasurable outcome for others… Yes, the Fillet Steak experience! OK, so I cooked a couple of good quality ones at home over Christmas. But this is what getting out of bed on a rainy Tuesday morning in May is all about…

Just add some buttered greens, triple cooked chips and pink peppercorn sauce, and the picture is complete…

Until we speak again… what, you thought I’d share more of my steak with you? I’m too busy sipping the accompanying smooth Argentinian Malbec. Enjoy your Own Brand whatevers.

5 thoughts on “Lost & Found

  1. Ah, what a lovely result of your venture back to indoor dining! And the Malbec sounds like a perfect pairing. But something is missing…
    What, no dessert?

  2. PJ Clarkes downtown recently opened back up and we’ll be going there w friends. I’m craving chicken pot pie so bad. They make theirs with a cheddar cheese crust. So many of my favorite places closed. I have to hunt for new dim sum restaurants. I like the little dinky coffee shops because they remind me of when I was little. Now it’s al about the big dim sum places. In our neighborhood, we’ve been ordering take out the whole pandemic. Figured they need the business and our kitchen stinks for cooking (no counters!).

    • Good luck finding your favourite kind of places again. With so many places not re-opening I’m counting myself lucky when I find a few of my former favourites here in Cardiff (Wales) are open again. I can only think about travelling around the UK at the moment, like a recent trip to Edinburgh. Hope you re-connect with your travelling bug when the other bug is under control!

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