Catch yourself on

Slow, slow, quick, quick…

For a city cat from Cardiff, a visit to the west of Ireland can provide a soporific change of gear. Not least because you have to catch yourself on to a naturally slower local pace of life.

Looking for a quiet indulgence in the national libation? We may not be ready just yet…

And there is a stark reminder that corners here were made for waiting on; even if they are not exactly on the corner! It is what it is, and you just have to catch yourself on

And, just because we are about 25 miles from the west coast doesn’t mean we can’t have a harbour, does it?

If it appears to you that we are ‘a few boats short of a regatta’, well, just catch yourself on

There again, the so-called Marina Point does provide home to further aquatic references, in the form of the Shearwater Hotel

This just maybe the place where the traditional lotion can be found. But, catch yourself on, it will only be served to you after an appropriate settling wait… as the local pace of life is more about quality than speed.

Further indulgence in the life of a snail brings its own rewards, as this is most certainly a cosy home where bovine and porcine companions can be found deliciously co-habiting in a bun…

Those who like their steaks of the lean variety, catch yourself on, and find a healthier part of the world. The juicy offerings here come with a protective layer of fat. But if that is not enough, try a basket of triple cooked chunky chips and a base of caramelised onions. Button mushrooms intrude on the base to showcase what healthy eating could be… if you were somewhere else, that is!

Until we speak again, check out county Galway in the west of Ireland, and Ballinasloe particularly, if you want to catch yourself on to a lifestyle of the slow.

4 thoughts on “Catch yourself on

  1. Really like the quaint buildings. Ireland is on my travel map but we keep getting sidetracked into Canadian nature trips. The food looks good and I feel embarrassed promoting unhealthy choices after reading the comment above but we Americans aren’t known for healthy eating. Oddly enough, on our outdoor trips I eat healthier than normal. Learned my lesson taking swimming lessons. Our instructor asked my friend and I, “What did you two eat last night? You don’t have any energy.” I said, “Chips and peanut M&Ms” and she said, “Fried chicken.” He was like, “It’s ok to cheat once in a while but if you plan on being active eat healthy the day before. You will have energy and not feel so sluggish.”

    • Even though I am from Wales, I have to encourage people to definitely visit Ireland. See the contrast between Dublin and the rural west coast with all the history of the Emerald Isle. But then, take a trip across the Irish Sea to Wales, land of castles and ancient myths & legends!

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