Cultural appropriation

Who really needs to go to America when America has arrived in Smallsville UK? Take a slow stagecoach up the spine of England to somewhere near the mid-point, then hang a sharp right. Keep going until you nearly fall into the North Sea. Open your heart and prepare to fir up your arteries.

You might just be in the historic fish town of Grimsby, but the welcome when you get down off your horse is distinctly hog and steer focused. 

A mouth-watering menu invites choices of ribs, steaks, burgers, dogs all properly slow smoked. There again, if you want the authentic American experience try doubling up on your order; or even the ambitious ambiguity of the house challenge, which I suspect few win and will spend many days living in gastric regret if they did! 

Shooting for the moon could result in all kinds of medical complications in this place. So I go for the simplest version…

Choice made; when on a rare visit to Grimsby how could I resist the offer of a ‘Dirty Dog’? This one has been smoked for 5 hours, and comes with added pulled pork, salsa, sour cream, and hidden fire. Just as well it was too long for the bun, because once those sadistic Jalapeno guys grip your throat smoky thinking gives way to howling for more moon’s… of the blue and liquid combination, that is.

Until we speak again, just remember, you can now experience a little bit of America in Grimsby. But, who in America can honestly say they have experienced a little bit of Grimsby? 

2 thoughts on “Cultural appropriation

  1. That made me laugh – ‘If you want to try an authentic American, try doubling up on your order.’ We used to go biking in th Poconos in Pennsylvania. We went for ice cream after and ordered small – they were huge. Their small was larger than a NY large. We said, ‘No wonder Americans are known for being over weight.’ It was cheaper and much larger.

    This post also made me think of the time we were in Paris, American and British pub food were the thing. Our hotel was surrounded by it and we just didn’t want to eat that in Paris. Made us laugh. We didn’t eat much French food while there which was a little disappointing.

    • Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the post. When I was recently in New Orleans and Chicago the only meal I was able to complete was a salad in Miller’s pub in Chicago, and it was an epic Greek Salad, but I was determined not to be beaten by a salad!

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