Man, myth, legend, tarmac

X-ray eyesIt’s with laser focus that I decided I would look into the myth and legend of the great Welsh politician of the early 20th century. Yes, you guessed it, he is English. Or is he? Born in Manchester to Welsh parents, he was brought up as a Welsh speaker with English as his second language. As a nation few in number we will take what we can get, so he is Welsh, particularly as he is instrumental in laying the foundations for the welfare state, and was prominent in the development of peace after the ignominiously named ‘Great War‘ (1914-18).

So, how is this majestic pillar of Welsh political traditions celebrated in the capital city? No such thing as just naming a road after this Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for War, Leader of the Liberal Party, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom… he gets an avenue.

Road and purposeBut, in keeping with any questions about ancestry and origin, I wondered just what this tribute was trying to communicate. Most auspiciously, this is a road in search of a purpose, as it’s rush hour dream-like barren state doesn’t reflect what you would normally expect in the name of a great man…

Rush hour dream [1]Rush hour dream [2]

What a difference a match makes. If you needed evidence of how important rugby is to the natives just take a look at this so-called tribute to an icon on a match day (and Wales weren’t even playing!)…



Road and purpose [1]

Road and purpose [2]






Who needs an eye-sore of a made-for-purpose coach park when you’ve got a dual carriageway iconically named and vastly under-used. Until we speak again I am Bella, living a politician’s promise away from a made-to-measure coach park.

Road and purpose [3]

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