To Juno’s Dismay

The long deceased inspiration for this 10-year blog could just be spinning in her grave… if such a thing existed. For here I am, back in New Orleans sampling Catfish in some of its diverse yet delicious presentations. And I’m really fussy and limited in the types of fish I generally eat.

I can sense Juno’s paw tapping me on the chin as she informs me that cats are cats, superior in all ways; fish are fish, purely for eating. But mixing the two is strictly, well, unusual to say the least.

First stop was ‘Elizabeths‘ in the Bywater district of the city. This is a venue not visited in previous sojourns to the Big Easy, so this was definitely on the list of new places to try on this occasion.

How do you like your eggs with your Catfish? Not a question I had anticipated tackling until arriving here! Then there is a side of something called Calas, which has the ability to stop you in your tracks and ask you how you’ve lived this long without sampling such a delight. This is a Creole deep fried rice, eggs, and sugar mix complete with honey-infused dip. Not for the calorie-obsessed diner… but then again, hardly anything in New Orleans is!

The next variation was provided by a place frequented as a favourite whenever I mosey on down the Mississippi…the Palace Cafe. We can’t avoid the signature dish of Crabmeat Cheesecake, this time with a side of Turtle Soup. OK, I get your indignation… but these guys exist for a reason, right? But the Catfish Pecan, now, that’s a new taste altogether. The sweetness of the pecans perfectly complimented the savoury flavour of the Catfish.

Look out aquatic culture… I might need to reappraise my relationship to eating fish… which is something I’m sure Juno would have delighted in, except for the suspicious influence of cat-infused fish dishes.

Until we speak again, the Doobie Brothers song comes to mind… Catfish are jumping, that paddle wheel thumping… Black Water for those of you unacquainted. Check out the track, as it captures New Orleans, Louisiana, very succinctly.

3 thoughts on “To Juno’s Dismay

  1. Indeed Juno is understandably puzzled, but smiling ( Cheshire cat style perhaps) that your edging toward the swimming vs hoofing menu items is underway. I await Juno’s musings on your recently observed attention to the post entree edible menu items. Once Juno comes to from shock!

  2. Hey Steve,

    Glad to know you are here. I’m going to Spain tomorrow, otherwise I’d love to say hello. I was so glad when you started blogging again as I was afraid that covid may have gotten you.

    Cheers, Tom ( former Vacherie bartender)

    • Hi Tom, I was so looking forward to catching up again. Sad to have missed you (and Victoria)… a lot has changed! I was down at the Avenue Pub a couple of evenings just to remind myself that not everything changes. I don’t know when I will be back again… not this year for sure. I’ll definitely try to contact you through this means in advance of my next visit. If ever you’re visiting Wales, let me know. In the meantime, enjoy the trip to Spain.

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