A Viral End Game

It has reeked havoc across the world, causing people across all nations to recoil in horror at its devastating effect. The search for a vaccine must remain of paramount importance, and socially distancing ourselves from its ability to stifle our attempts to even breath, let alone contemplate any rational thought, must be sustained for many months to come.

US healthcare horror story

Until we speak again, an end is within our grasp… put your faith in less than 100,000 people across 5 key states, and the Trumpvirus that has narcissistically undermined western democracy for over 3 years can be finally overcome in November 2020!

2 thoughts on “A Viral End Game

  1. Glad to see you are out for exercise (previous posts). I’m so happy I have an exercise bike. We don’t go out except for mail and groceries. It’s not too bad in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. We have a lot of supermarkets compared to Manhattan and we aren’t as dense. We debated moving to Manhattan but this pandemic has me thinking it’s better to stay out here. I do worry about my relatives in Manhattan. The complex my cousin lives has a 15% infection rate and one is a few doors down from him. Feel really bad for him because he’s very high risk health wise but he’s in good spirits. Last night we found out our cop cousin tested positive for the virus (it was going around a few precincts).

    I think if we were Canadian we’d have more faith in the government. Even though Congress signed a relief package rural states with less cases get way more money for covid. NY is getting $18,000 per person for hospitals (we have the most cases) and one state is getting $300,000. Kinda sucks because blue states pay the bulk of taxes. Red states are getting what they request vs. blue. The admin hands out critical supplies to states that kiss his ass. Scary thing is we all think he’s going to win again. We are trapped by our electoral vote. Look at what happened to Wisconsin as well. It’s either stay home and safe or vote.

    What scares me most is even if you have health insurance you still may end up with a hospital bill in the thousands. We were never a fan of Cuomo but he is doing a good job with the epidemic. At least we have someone sane in charge in NY.

    Went through a few of your posts. The one with all the green and Juno hit the spot. It’s pollen season here so our allergies are killing us. It’s nice to enjoy the green from afar but we do miss walks, eating out, theater, and movies.

    Stay well and safe. Take Care!

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m trying to enjoy the local walking exercise while I still can. We are under threat of having it removed on the ignorance of the small minority who persist in ignoring the restrictions.
      As a distant follower of your political situation I share your fears of a Trump re-election. From where I am watching the Democrats have wasted some prime time for getting their act together, going way back before the primaries.
      Our guy is a scaled down version of your guy, only ours can string a few words together in a coherent fashion… but that still covers up an essential self-interest above that of anyone he is supposed to serve. He will sure as hell be making political capital in a few weeks out of his Covid illness.
      Stay safe, keep well, and pound the hell out of that bike! Best wishes for surviving these extraordinary times.

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