Return to 2020 Vision

[Acknowledgements to the Bute East Dock for providing the full cast for the following drama].

Events across 2016 to 2019 , on both sides of the Atlantic, have arguably led to what can only politely be referred to as a foggy funk of an experience…

2020 foggy Bute East Dock

So, as a fully paid up member of the ‘UK Metropolitan Liberal Elite‘, I have to concede that the ‘Majority 38% Will of the People Brigade‘ have triumphed in the prolonged political battle of barefaced lies versus ineffectual bullshit.

I have never been one to believe in the power of new year resolutions, but as we all embark on the Brexiters’ journey to the most bountiful and wondrous promised land of 19th Century independent beneficence, I have a wish… and that is that the 38% now completely own their self-proclaimed victory. Once the hard right prospectus that has been bought into begins to deliver on its empty promises let’s hear no excuses, or deflection of blame onto those who still don’t buy the catalogue of deceptions, or onto the EU, or onto immigrants, or onto anyone else but their own deluded selves.

Talking of deluded selves; a glance across the pond to the incoherent rumblings of Dumbfuckistan prompt another wish… that the Twitter-fuelled comedic interlude of the last few years be terminated in November, and some semblance of sanity be reclaimed from the ‘orange peril’ that has swamped the free-thinking world.

Until we speak again, reality is likely to dictate otherwise, but we can only dream of a return to 2020 vision…

Long Dock

4 thoughts on “Return to 2020 Vision

  1. Today’s divisiveness and vitriol reflect a sad consequence of acquiescence to demagoguery and deception. May wisdom and enlightenment prevail in time!

  2. I feel for you. Our Constitution failed us. We are wondering about Canada, they have finance jobs there but it’s hard our families are in the US and everyone is getting older.

    I’ve got a crash course on my place in the US. My Dad’s family has been here since the 1860s and they are very patriotic.. I always thought we were part of America but after Trumps presidency I get it now. I was brought up to think American is everyone but I’ve come to realize for most it means only white and I’m heartbroken. We’re fairly pro military and I can track service back to WWI. Even my liberal friends both white and minority tend to assume I’m from off the boat no matter how much I explain how long I’ve been here, how we’ve contributed. Can’t change that mindset its just stuck. Our history school books don’t really teach about American Chinese history and how other races contributed so it’s like we never even existed. I’m fortunate to have a family that always spoke of the past and like history. I have white friends that are children of immigrants and don’t have as much or any military in the family but they will always be seen as American from the get go because of the way they look. Sigh. At least if we go to Canada they seeing me as a recent immigrant makes a lot more sense and I won’t feel as upset. A lot of people also don’t like it when I say my family is from the midwest (Chicago & Wisconsin) because they insist I’m from China. All I ever heard about was Chicago growing up. Its irritating. 3 generations including me have not been to China and we’re quite ok with that. My Dad and a lot of my uncles were in Korea for the war (my Dad was lucky he was drafted in truce time). My Dad’s side does not view China kindly and for me I view it with caution (they got rid of term limits and that is not ok). Yes, we are mostly Chinese but we’re very assimilated. Interestingly enough, I’m angriest at my liberal friends because they get insulted when I point out their questions and comments towards me that aren’t relevant because they act like they are all aware and stuff. They wonder why I get so upset. It’s because they aren’t the first or the last person to ever ask me the same questions I’ve gotten since childhood and they don’t give me a chance to explain why it’s no ok.

    All we can do is hope the world gets through this weird hump its in. Hope Brexit isn’t too severe. Think I read something about there being 1 year of transition. Fingers crossed you and your loved ones will be ok.

    I’m so sorry my country is leading the fascist world. It’s like they forgot we fought against Hitler and Nazi’s. It’s depressing.

    Happier topic. One of my blogging buddies (Sunny Days in Seattle) moved to Ireland. I’m not sure when we’ll be visiting but one day we’d like to go on an Inn to Inn walking vacation there or in the UK. That’d would be a cool trip! Found some easy walks because I’m a sissy city girl. A nice way to meet locals and experience a country.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your story. As a native Welsh person who lived many years in different parts of England before returning home to Cardiff in 2012 I often get asked where I’m from because I don’t sound like I have a proper accent from any part of Wales.
    While this can’t equate with your experience I still find it occasionally irritating. Ultimately, we have to be true to who we are and everyone else can live in their own narrow perspectives.
    I cherish my friends who come from Trinidad, Philadelphia, Afghanistan, and Latvia for who they are as people.
    We will get through Brexit, but just have to accept we will be poorer for the stupid collective decision that was made.
    As for Trump, I fear the Democrats will have squandered 4 years and could still hand him another 4 years! His own supporters will not change whatever he does and says. When the number of people outnumber the number of brain cells we know we can expect problems!
    Lovely speaking with you keep the good blog posts coming.
    Best wishes,

  4. Thanks for helping my irritability! – “Ultimately, we have to be true to who we are and everyone else can live in their own narrow perspectives.”

    Ha. You made me laugh about the accent. It makes you unique. Some people have a really good radar for flagging something different. I don’t have a NY accent but with few words it shows and my friends like to tease of me:

    Horror – Harrah
    Terror – Terrah
    La Guardia Airport – La Gawdia
    Gramercy – Gramacy
    Emporor – Empra
    Reservior – Reservah

    It’s like I’m a bit challenged with my R’s. My NY relatives don’t have accents either, we all have a few words where it shows. Not sure why Vic and my Bay Ridge friend don’t have Brooklyn accents. They grew up in areas with thick Brooklyn accents.

    I’m proud of my very teeny tiny touch of accent. I tell my friends to F off and I’m more NY than they’ll ever be. It’s weird, we all kind of jest each other and give each other crap depending on what borough we’re from.

    Democrats are gonna screw it up. Republicans are like well oiled winning machine. I kind of feel like liberals (here) aren’t good at backing each other up to win like the GOP. They kind of splinter off if it doesn’t fit what they feel is best. We are hoping the hate vote will get Pres. Bonespurs out. Fingers crossed.

    Hug a cat. For those few minutes you’ll be the happiest person ever. That helps me at least.
    Take Care!

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