Food festival [3]

What is it about you humans? As soon as there is a sun-food-tent combination going on you just can’t resist the idea of forming long queues! As the 2014 International Food and Drink Festival descends on an expectant Cardiff, you seem to be joyously getting into a chaotic jumble of the single file arrangement mode.

Food festival [2]

So, whether it is something to do with your native country’s produce, Persia, the Orient, or even wholefoods (whatever that means?), you just get the whole ‘standing in lines’ thing going.

No such etiquette for us cats… just get on with lunch and then relax…

My feast! Fighting fit [3]

Until we speak again I fully expect to be a recipient of your sensitivity-oriented disgust, but what the hell this is road-kill Juno signing off in search of more prey!

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