St Charles Avenue

Probably the best street in America. Why? Take the quaint old Streetcar the full length (and also the sharp right on to the terminus along Carrollton Avenue), then get the next one back, and I’m sure you’ll agree!

The hustle and bustle at the Canal Street terminus in the centre of the city gives way to a range of restaurants and bars, including the Streetcar Cafe… the ideal spot to plan and start your discovery of the avenue.

Continuing on the streetcar through the Garden District towards Uptown, the best pub in America is located on the left… a visit is highly recommended but best left until your return journey, lest you enter and find yourself entranced…

… by a beer infused with Malbec and Blackberries and a small plate of Chilli Glazed Brussels Sprouts!

The residential architecture becomes increasingly dramatic…

Tulane and Loyola Universities face across the avenue to Audubon Park… a place for quiet contemplation at the Meditation Garden

Where St Charles Avenue turns into Carrollton Avenue, you could stop off to call in for a beer at the traditional Cooter Brown’s Tavern… but don’t stay too long, don’t forget you have the Avenue Pub to visit on your return journey!

There are plenty of diners in the area for those not burdened by the duty of maintaining the profits of the alcohol industry. Satsuma Cafe on the parallel Maple Street is recommended…

And when you reach the terminus on Carrollton Avenue there will always be a streetcar waiting to take you on the return journey.

Until we speak again, how does your street match up? How many pieces of genuine historical interest, dramatic residences, universities, green spaces, and pubs can you list? None at Chez Juno in Cardiff… so I’m adopting St Charles Avenue (at least in vivid memory).

2 thoughts on “St Charles Avenue

  1. Maybe I’ll try and arrange a trip with our Alabama friend. When we visited Savannah, GA, we ate at Mrs. Wilkes which is communal style dining. It was really cool eating with southerners because they were explaining all these extra sauces we don’t have in the north. New Orleans looks beautiful.

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